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Le Montrealais: hello everyone, i am israel. i live in the east end of montreal. with a dog and a mentally ill neighbour. both of whom are my best friends. i walk around with them a lot and take shots of the city thinking it has some hidden message to say to me. that is the size of things over my way. i hope you can share in my world through city spk.

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

For those that don’t know, the Farine (flour) Five Roses sign is a towering behemoth of typography that floats over the near city center skyline of Montreal. It is putting it lightly to say that it is a fixture in the identity of the city. It has become more like the very language of the city.

Love it or hate it, the sign’s been part of the Montréal skyline for over sixty years, and sadly probably won’t be around much longer. Local designer and intermedia artist Matt Soar has just launched a participatory art project all about the Farine Five Roses sign at <>.

400 Bad Request

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Voila mes amis. This is the video for 2007 Polaris Prize winning Montrealer Patrick Watson’s song the Great Escape. Like the man says — Doo do dooo da da wa (repeatx10), Bad day looking for the great escape. Words to live by i suppose by Mr. Watson

The startling beauty of the pencil drawn animated piece is from fellow Mtl people and urban artists Alex Produkt (see photo above) and Kathleen Weldon. Doo do dooo da da wa (and again repeat 10X)

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Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Ca c’est la nouvelle chanson Crazy par Ghislain Poirier sur Ninja Tune. Il a été filmé dans les distriques du Plateau Montreal (check le photo en bas), Vieux Montreal et China Town. Il est un vrai home town boy lui…

Friday, December 12th, 2008


Montreal — the Future is not Written on the Wall

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Below are some shots of political graffiti from the back alley behind Parc Avenue between Fairmont and Saint Viateur of a kind of panicked fight.

From what i can tell some french lads started crossing out unilingual english personal parking signs and ghetto enforcing bill 101 and then some english lads lost their shit and essentially told them to learn english… a fun old game it is, but perhaps not the best use of paint.


English motherfuckers graffiti on a garage door

I am happy that others of us here in Quebec are using paint to explore culture from deeper angles. That is one of the many reasons why we at kngfu (one of the companies behind CitySpk) started

The film Antipodes, a selection from the project, is directed by my friend and mentor Daniel Canty, a writer and filmmaker born and raised in the ruff and tumble west end Montreal city of Lachine.

The film features Point Saint Charles painter Raphael Sottolichio


Vantrealonto is Awesome

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Photos by Jef Choy from

The phenomenon is spreading like wildfire through the cold Canadian winter.

It has become indisputable that Awesomeness abounds and people seem to want to join in.

Vancouver is Awesome.

Montreal is Awesome.

And apparently, though this one is up for debate, Toronto is Awesome too.

The awesomeness is chalk full of city photos, city happenings, and all things, well, city awesome in their respective locales…

We Love Montreal Cheese

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Those of you who have been walking around the Montreal plateau lately might have noticed this mysterious rebus tagged on doors and walls in the neighborhood. The ones I photographed are spray painted around St-Laurent, Duluth and Roy near our office. Apparently there has been a sighting in NDG too.

Makes me wonder if it is a a weird Montreal urban statement or some marketing scheme part of a teaser campaign that will reveal itself soon. I took a few shots from my phone and also found this golden one on Flickr. Hmmmm.



Thursday, December 4th, 2008

We are happy to announce that the streets of Montreal are once again graced with the Hunter S. Thompson sidekick styled art of Other. After an extended two year disappearing act to Berlin, he is back to leave traces of his lovely mind in the form of words and pictures on walls all over the city. If you don’t know his work, i would recommend you visit any number of train yards in the city. Or check his site where he often has things for sale at a remarkably good price.

The word is a sneak preview of 30 new pieces for an upcoming LA art show are going to be diseminated on the hush hush in a week. If you haven’t sent him your email yet to see… send him your mail at, and tell him cityspk sent you…

I am still hoping that he delivers on an impending project in which people send him found sweatpants and then he paints on him. I would definately file that under one of the most unique projects ever heading. As far as the background, he tells me of his buddy Hal: There was a guy named Hal over in ottawa who found some dirty old sweat pants on the street. He wrote a story about it. How if you start looking for it there are all sorts of dirty old clothes beaten by the elements. Like a sock that turned some blue, some green and has bird shit and finger paint on it in the lane. Clothes like that — that have been sitting out for some of the seasons in a row, and starting to mix right in with the pavement. But that is a bit of a dime a dozen. The real and somewhat rarer gem is the abandoned sweat pants. It was some years ago i read his story. But he found them on a bike ride, chucked his old shorts and rode around town in the found sweat pants until he came to the bay and then he went swimming in them and they ballooned all up in the water. He said how he took a real solace in the comfort of those worn in sweat pants in the shallows of the bay. He made that throw away his…

So, now, all of that is lost to history, but i ask you still to help Other recreate the sweat pant nostalgia and send him your found sweatpants to paint on. If you wanted to set something up, you could maybe just write him at the aforementioned email. Only the most crusty need apply…

Warshaw AND Ben’s - Montreal’s urban typography resurrected through signs

Thursday, December 4th, 2008



Above, some of the Ben’s Restaurant signage, courtesy of the demolition crew; and, the Warshaw sign, courtesy the SDBSL



Image + Nation, parce que Montréal est Gay

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Montréal est gay. Pas juste “touche ma quéquette” gay, mais bien “amène tes amis pis viens nous rejoindre dans la ruelle qu’on s’amuse” gay. Considérée comme la San Francisco du Nord, Montréal et ses moeurs libérales est l’enceinte de plusieurs événements LGBT dont Divers/Cité et le Black and Blue. On oublie toutefois souvent Image + Nation, le festival de films Gay et Lesbien de Montréal, qui pourtant existe depuis maintenant 21 ans (bien avant que les droits des homosexuels et leur place dans la société québecoise et canadienne ne soient reconnus). D’abord perçu tel un ovni dans la scène culturelle montréalaise, le festival a lentement pris son envol pour devenir au fil des ans une institution de la communauté gay et culturelle de Montréal et du Canada.

Image + Nation aura donc lieu une nouvelle fois du 20 au 30 Novembre 2008 dans différentes salles de cinéma de Montréal, dont le Cinéma Impérial. Il faut noter la présence de Bruce LaBruce cette année au festival. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, Bruce est un cinéaste culte de la trempe des John Waters. Ses films, généralement controversés mais toujours divertissants, offrent un regard unique sur la communauté LGBT. Cette année, il présentera Otto, or Up with Dead People, un film de zombie tout à fait dans le ton de ses dernières productions. Cette projection aura lieu le 17 Novembre à l’Impérial.

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