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Olivier Hoffschir: Chargé de projet web et photographe

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

The journal of urtban Typography

The journal of urtban Typography

Aujourd’hui je vous invite à aller voir le The journal of urtban Typography qui référence une grosse base de photos de texte urbain en tout genre. Le site ne propose pas de fonctionnalité fabuleuse, mais possède une enorme base de contenus ! Simple et efficace ;-)

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Bon soyons franc, je reviens de vacances à Cuba et je suis pas super au courrant des dernière mouvance de Street Art de la semaine. Alors j’vous propose un petit aperçu en images des murs de la capitale Cubaine et de l’impression que j’en ai eu.

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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

JR, Face 2 Face - Photo par MaTT-

JR, Face 2 Face - Photo par MaTT-

Décidément ils sont nombreux les street artist anonyme ! (écrit ainsi on pourrais penser à une association de soutien …). Souvent à la limite du légal (voir rarement légal) le street art est donc anonyme, pas de gloire personelle, pas d’argent en jeux, à croire qu’on en arrive à “l’art pour l’art” dans une forme “pure”.

Mais revennons à notre ami JR, jeune photographe français. Il ne prend pas la rue en photo, mais retourne le concept de photographie urbaine en exposant ses photos dans la rue, à travers le monde.

Il à notamment organisé la plus grande expo illégale au monde dans 8 pays simultanément, avec la série Face 2 face !

Pour en savoir plus vous pouvez consulter son site :
Un autre site sur l’expo Women :

Enfin une vidéo sur son expo face 2 face :

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Last week I mentioned Hosier Lane, one of Chopchop’s new hang-outs. This week I thought I’d show you some more of the ever-changing lanes of Melbourne. Artists such as Meggs, Fafi and Vexta regularly work there, as well as the usual anonymice. Canada Lane, in Carlton and Center Place in the city are also extremely impressive. It is definitely worth wandering the lanes regularly, as this graffiti- like all the good stuff, is constantly evolving.

taken by Trimba, Flickr Creative Commons

taken by Trimba, Flickr Creative Commons

taken by Trimba, Flickr Creative Commons

taken by Trimba, Flickr Creative Commons

taken by Trimba, Flickr Creative Commons

taken by Trimba, Flickr Creative Commons

Type the Sky

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Lisa Rienermann- Type the Sky

Lisa Rienermann- Type the Sky

Students from the Australian National University photography workshop recently alerted me to the work of German artist- Lisa Rienermann. Type the Sky, is an alphabet formed of the shapes buildings make against the sky when photographed from below. She scoured the streets of Barcelona until she found all the letters she needed.

Her photo-typographic alphabet is now a font set published by German Type Foundry Slanted also called Type The Sky. The collection comes as a type face and a photo book. Definitely some beautiful, time-consuming, city speaking.

Lisa Rienermann - type the skyLisa Rienermann typography work called Type the SkyLisa Rienermann typography work called Type the Sky

Eat fresh? Bear self-serves @ Subway in Vancouver

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Image taken by 顔なし, Flickr Creative Commons

Image taken by 顔なし, Flickr Creative Commons

This year in British Colombia there have been a proliferation of bear attacks. Vinnie Jones, the all round UK ruffian (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) was apparently terrorized by the bears on a recent trip to the Western Canadian outback.

It isn’t only reserved for far the hinterland regions. The Vancouver region saw a serious mauling a few weeks ago. Is this the natural conclusion to seamlessly attaching a lush forested city to a vast rain forest?

Fortunately, in this instance the bear was only going in for the kill on the all-dressed twelve inch veggie special. A young bear with questionable table manners opened the door to a Subway restaurant and then sniffed around before leaving. The bears every move was caught on the store’s security camera.

In New York, the reverse is true — this is what kind of bears you get if you cover every inch of a town in concrete and packs things so tight you have to put the trains under the ground, with only the air grates to breathe from… this is an entirely different sort of subway.

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